Adanim Tea

Welcome to the Adanim Tea website. Adanim is a leading tea manufacturer and supplier of a huge variety of unique herb teas, caffeine free teas, and organic teas. With dozens of flavors to choose from, you can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea when you choose, where you choose. Each Adanim teabag is manufactured with the customer in mind, to ensure a great experience with every cup.

Adanim – so much more than just great flavors! Adanim manufactures and supplies 3 great lines of tea: VALDENA – with all the health benefits you could ask for in a cup of tea; ADANIM BIO – the only 100% caffeine-free organic fruit tea; and ADANIM TEA – a huge variety of fruit infusions. And by using chemical-free natural products when growing our tea herbs, we succeed in protecting both the environment and our customers.


Almost all Adanim products are organic, including the entire Adanim Bio line and the Valdena line. As organic farming does not use toxic pesticides or fertilizers, it is extremely beneficial for the soil, the environment, and for people of all ages. For further information about our certifications Click here.

Tea of the month

Adanim is proud to present its tea of the month. Each month you can read about a different exciting tea, hear why it is a great choice, and learn about its specific health benefits and other interesting qualities. Click here for this month's Tea of the month.