Month: July 2013

Fennel – Nettle – Cactus tea by VALDENA BIO

     FENNEL or “SWEET DILL” (FOENICULUM VULGARE) Perennial Mediterranean plant, very rich in carotene, vitamin C and potassium. The seeds are reputed to promote weight loss and longevity. They are diuretic, carminative (relieve flatulence), anti-inflammatory and promote the production of

Lemon Verbena – Orange Flowers Tea – VALDENA BIO

LEMON VERBENA (LIPPIA CITRIODORA or ALOYSIA TRIPHYLLA) Lemon-scented plant, long undervalued, lemon verbena has properties similar to those of lemon balm; both are calming and digestive. Has a slightly sedative effect, while acting at the same time as a stimulant.