About-UsPeople have been drinking tea for thousands of years.

It is believed that tea first originated in China as a type of medicine, but over the years spread across all continents and is now consumed in huge quantities on a daily basis.

Tea is indeed one of the most popular and healthiest drinks in the world, and a huge selection of tea can be easily obtained in most supermarkets.

People drink strong or weak tea, with or without sugar, with or without milk, and with or without caffeine – depending on personal preference. The British are known for drinking tea with milk, in India Masala Chai is popular, and green tea is often associated with China.

We have all heard of the Boston Tea Party – although it wasn’t really a tea party. During this political demonstration in Boston, USA, hundreds of cases of imported tea were thrown into the water and ruined. This incident is a true example of how important tea was, and still is, to people around the world.

Although tea has been a favorite beverage for thousands of years, teabags are relatively new – having only been invented a century ago. Until then, tealeaves were brewed in teapots and teacups. The first teabags were square or rectangular but nowadays circular and tetrahedral bags can be seen too.