Orange Strawberry

Catalog Number: VAL0054

Orange & Strawberry infusion is a strong and unique blend from Andalusia region.

This blend is recommended as an ice tea summer beverage.

Strawberry: In some cultוres, symbolizes love and passion.  Its deep crimson color contains Lycopene, which help resist sun damages. In the kitchen Strawberry is used for deserts, ice creams and shakes.

Orange: A widespread type of citrus. Has a sweet-sour taste, very rich in vitamin C, excellent for preventing colds and feverish conditions. In the kitchen Orange is used mainly for juices and shakes.

Contains Hibiscus, Apple, Rosehip, Orange peels, Strawberry, Strawberry & Orange natural flavour.

20 tea bags per box X 2.25 gr. net 45 gr. Caffeine free.

Health Benefits

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