Apple – Orange – Ginseng tea bt VALDENA BIO

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APPLE (MALUS SPP) Said to influence hypertension and cholesterol. Is a tonic, a digestive and hepatic stimulant. In the form of an infusion, used against pain generally and rheumatic pain in particular. Inter alia it contains pro-vitamin A and numerous minerals.

ORANGE (CITRUS ORANTIUM, SWEET ORANGE) Originally from China, the orange (fruit and rind) mobilises “QI” and is an aid to digestion. Rich in vitamin C, it is a good anti-oxidant and has many properties. Excellent for preventing colds and feverish conditions.

GINSENG (PANAX GINSENG) This root, with its earthy taste, close to that of parsley, and “humanoid” shape has been used for seven thousand years. It helps the body to resist attacks and acts when the body needs sleep. It has a stimulating effect, both physical and intellectual, on the young, while acting as a tonic for elderly people (anti-ageing). Considered as a male aphrodisiac and an effective anti-stress. To be taken both before and during the winter in order to strengthen the organism, and to be used in the case of convalescence. Note: genuine effect on glycaemia, cholesterol and arterial hypertension.

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