Author: Ariel

Vanilla – Cinnamon Coconut – Fruit Infusion 100% Organic !

The best way to enjoy your time while drinking Vanilla-Cinnamon-Coconut fruits infusion from the exotic islands. The new launching product of Adanim Bio line with 100% organic components with no caffeine, delicious and healthy….

About Rooibus Tea

  Rooibus Tea (Red Tea) is the national drink of South Africa. The plant is kind of a bush and can grow to a hight of 1.5 meters. It is drunk as an infusion in South Africa (without caffeine) for

Apple – Orange – Ginseng tea bt VALDENA BIO

APPLE (MALUS SPP) Said to influence hypertension and cholesterol. Is a tonic, a digestive and hepatic stimulant. In the form of an infusion, used against pain generally and rheumatic pain in particular. Inter alia it contains pro-vitamin A and numerous

Fennel – Nettle – Cactus tea by VALDENA BIO

     FENNEL or “SWEET DILL” (FOENICULUM VULGARE) Perennial Mediterranean plant, very rich in carotene, vitamin C and potassium. The seeds are reputed to promote weight loss and longevity. They are diuretic, carminative (relieve flatulence), anti-inflammatory and promote the production of

Lemon Verbena – Orange Flowers Tea – VALDENA BIO

LEMON VERBENA (LIPPIA CITRIODORA or ALOYSIA TRIPHYLLA) Lemon-scented plant, long undervalued, lemon verbena has properties similar to those of lemon balm; both are calming and digestive. Has a slightly sedative effect, while acting at the same time as a stimulant.


Valdena Bio fruits infusions -organic certified under a good family of Moulin Des Moines at Vita Sana exhibition in Belgium. The product’s line is distributed by mannavita to the health food market in Belgium. You may find it at Bepositive