The Adanim story is a unique but simple one. Over 2 decades ago, Professor Alon of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel began conducting a series of experiments with organically grown herbs. He believed that cultivating specific herbs that are native to the country’s soil and climate would lead to the production of exquisite herbal tea flavors.
Professor Alon’s hypothesis succeeded and his unique herbal tea products flourished. Family and friends were delighted to taste such delicate flavors and Adanim began to grow and prosper. Over the years, this small family business has turned into an established and reputable tea company, while remaining true to its origins.
Adanim still believes that chemicals and pesticides are harmful to the environment and the community, and therefore avoid using them whenever possible. That is why most Adanim teas are organic and those that are not comply with strict international standards.
The Adanim herbal teas and fruit infusions are truly world class.

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