Fennel – Nettle – Cactus tea by VALDENA BIO


Perennial Mediterranean plant, very rich in carotene, vitamin C and potassium. The seeds are reputed to promote weight loss and longevity. They are diuretic, carminative (relieve flatulence), anti-inflammatory and promote the production of breast milk.  Do not overuse during pregnancy. The root is particularly diuretic and very effective in the case of water retention, urinary and prostate disorders. You will enjoy the aromatic and pungent taste of this plant (close to anise).

“CACTUS” (PRICKLY PEAR, OPUNTIA FICUS INDICA) The flowers contain flavonoids and are astringent. They are traditionally used to treat digestive problems and prostate disorders.

STINGING NETTLE (URTICA DIOICA) A concentrate of vitamins A and C and of minerals (in particular iron). Diuretic: from research, the root would appear to demonstrate the effectiveness of the root in hypertrophy of the prostate. Traditionally used against uric acid (gout, arthritis), rheumatism, heavy periods, it has a depurative, highly nutritive and fortifying effect.

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