Infusion from South Africa –
Contains Roiboos, Hibiscus,Orange peels, Rosehip,Raspberry,Roiboos natural flavour.

Tropical Infusion of Mango, Pineapple and Passion fruit from Brazil.
Contains Hibiscus,Apple,Rosehip,Orange peels,Mango,Passion flowers,Pineapple,Tropical fruit flavor.

Exotic infusion of Coconut, Cinnamon and Vanilla from Madagascar island.
Contains Rose-hip,Hibiscus, Apple, Orange, Vanila, Cinnamon, Coconut, Vanilla,Cinnamon,Coconut organic flavour.

Apricot – Peach blend is a light and gentle infusion, straight from Provence region.

Strong and unique infusion from Andalusia region
Contains Hibiscus, Apple, Rosehip, Orange peels, Strawberry, Strawberry & Orange natural flavour.