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Adanim Tea was founded in 1982 as a family business. Our specialty is in the development and production of organic medicinal herbal teas. The company’s products are distributed worldwide in several countries including France, Belgium, USA & the Far East.

We care about the environment!

Our products are produced from organic medicinal herbs and our aim is to establish an ecological balance of harmonious coexistence between organisms and their environment.

Our packaging is all recyclable and the tea bags can be thrown into any homemade composting pile or bin.

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About Rooibos Tea

Rooibos (pronounced Roy Boss) is an African word meaning Red Bush named appropriately, so due to the red bush like Shrub from which the tea

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Grown By Generations of Tea Lovers

We know that family matters! That’s why at Adanim, we are privately owned by a family that prides itself on generations of tea knowledge cultivated through blood, sweat, tears. A passion for tea and a desire to excel, you will not regret joining our TEAm!

Adanim Brings Nature into Your Cup of Tea

Our herbal teas come directly from the grower to our tea box. Organic compost, natural pest control and unique cultivation methods are what we use in order to keep the ecological balance in the soil and make our herbal teas better for you and for the environment.

Our Herbal Teas are Organic!

We use plants that are grown by the method of organic growth – which maintains ecological balance, using biological control and fertilization by natural compost. Our products are free of toxins, for the sake of the environment and for the future of future generations.

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