About Rooibos Tea

Rooibos (pronounced Roy Boss) is an African word meaning Red Bush named appropriately, so due to the red bush like Shrub from which the tea is extracted. The Aspalathus Linearis plant is native to the rocky heartlands of the South African Peninsula.

Rooibos tea has gained popularity over the last few years due to its natural sweetness, great flavor, and countless medicinal benefits. Do you know this magical elixir can do wonders to your health?

Tea has been around for centuries. It is available in many tastes, flavors and varieties. Although discovered now, the Rooibos tea had been there since the early 2000s. The native people of Africa had been benefiting from it for decades. The world had just realized the effectiveness of Rooibos tea, which has many proven health benefits.

The Rooibos tea has a reddish-brown color, and it tastes like Cranberry. The closest to this taste is the Hibiscus tea. The tea is characterized by its nutty and caramelly flavor and aroma and can be an excellent alternative to black tea or green tea.

Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

There are many claimed benefits of the Rooibos Tea; however, some are verified to have proven results. Here are some of the proven benefits of Rooibos Tea.

1. Boost immunity:

With the Corona Virus’ current situation, immunity is the most sought gem for the human race. Luckily the Rooibos tea is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help increase the human body’s immunity. Drinking tea help support the immune system to fend off any pathogens that can attack the body.

2. Weight Loss:

Unlike other types of tea, Rooibos tea has a very acute content of calories. With 2-4 calories per cup, the Rooibos tea helps lose and maintain weight. Rooibos tea is packed with antioxidants that aid weight loss by stimulating the oxidation of fats. Yes, Rooibos tea is a perfect pick for people looking for natural weight loss brews.

3. Anti-Aging:

Rooibos tea has anti-aging properties improving the overall tone of the skin. The tea has hydrating qualities, which moisturizes the skin and reduces its wrinkles, leaving the skin to look younger.

4. Pain relief:

Rooibos tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help quick reduction of pain and aches. The tea is beneficial for the treatment of muscle cramps and abdominal pain.

5.    Allergies relief:

Due to anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents present in the Rooibos tea, allergic reactions are prevented from being triggered.

6. Bone Health:

Like all herbal teas, the Rooibos tea contains calcium and fluoride, which are the essential elements in building and maintaining healthy bones. In this way, Rooibos tea prevents several bone diseases, including arthritis.

7. Improved Digestion:

Rooibos tea contains antispasmodic nutrients that nourish the stomach and digestive system. The tea can help reduce the symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.

8. Caffeine-free:

All types of teas, including black, brown, and green tea, contain a considerable caffeine portion. Caffeine has no adverse effects on one’s health if consumed moderately, and it also helps boost your mood and increase exercise performance.

But, an increased level of caffeine in the human body leads to heart problems and sleep issues. That is why people tend to avoid drinking tea to be on the safer side. In turn, this behavior deprives the health-conscious people of the potential benefits they could yield from drinking tea. Rooibos Tea, however, is caffeine-free, enabling tea lovers to benefit from tea without any potential health risks.

9. Improved sleep:

Rooibos tea helps in improving the quality of sleep. Unlike other types of teas, which contain caffeine, the Rooibos tea helps you feel soothing and relaxed without messing with your sleep cycles, enabling a sound and peaceful night.

10. Anti-Oxidant Properties:

Rooibos tree has natural anti-oxidants present inside, which helps cell repair and protect cell damage. These anti-oxidants also help maintain steady blood levels increasing overall health.

11.                    Healthy Heart:

Drinking Rooibos tea helps maintain healthy blood pressure by converting enzymes and converting the lousy LDL cholesterol to good HDL cholesterol. This process protects the body from several different heart conditions and strokes.

12. Cancer Prevention:

Study shows that the anti-oxidants like luteolin and quercetin present in the Rooibos tea can kill cancer cells and prevent further growth. However, you can intake these anti-oxidants from fruits; having these in your favorite tea is a plus.

13. Diabetes Prevention:

Rooibos tea contains Aspalathin, which has natural anti-diabetic properties. These agents present in the Rooibos tea helps balance the blood sugar levels and maintain insulin levels. Rooibos tea is beneficial for the prevention and cure of Type-2 Diabetes.

Other Benefits

There are but many benefits of the Rooibos Tea. Some other services include improved bone health, improved digestion, prevention from allergies and flu. Rooibos tea can also help cure insomnia and other sleep disorders.


A simple process is involved in the preparation of the Rooibos tea. All you need to do is;

  1. Boil 8oz of water and add 1-2 tablespoons of the Rooibos tea.
  2. Let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes while being covered.
  3. Strain and serve.

Although the Rooibos Tea is naturally sweet, you can add sugar or honey to taste

The Takeaway

Rooibos tea is a fantastic alternative to black tea or green tea. Rooibos tea is not only more beneficial but also has no potential side effects. It supports and improves the functioning and overall health of the body. Not only this, the essential minerals and vitamins present in the rooibos tea catalyze, increasing the immune system and fending off viruses, allergies, and other diseases.

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