Chinese Green Tea - Valdena Bio

Organic Green Tea, a delicate tea with a fine flavor and full of antioxidants. Made by the tradition of ancestral techniques, which preserves its health benefits.


  • Kosher USDA Organic Product Devoid Colorants,Preservatives,and artificial Sweeteners.The whole manufacturing Process From Growing the Leaves to packaging is strictly supervised in order to ensure Organic Integrity.
  • Green Tea is full of antioxidants that protect and heal your cells from the free radicals they produce when your body absorbs oxygen. As per Researches one of the most efficient ways to increase your Daily Antioxidants Intake is by drinking Tea.
  • Top Quality Green Tea processed by the tradition of ancestral techniques, which is: firing, rolling and drying until they get to their final form.

Green Tea-The Healthiest Drink On Earth

Made from the common tea plant “Camellia Sinensis” but undergoing a unique withering and oxidation process than the traditional black teas. Originating in china close to 3,000 years ago, green teas are popular among health and fitness circles as well as medicinal herbalists. A delicious and popular tea blend, green tea is arguably one of the healthiest drink on the planet earth. Taste the difference green tea can make!

Contains pure green tea.

20 tea bags per box X 1.5 gr. net 30 gr. Average caffeine level (200 ml): 15 mg.