Dandelion & Liquorice - Adanim Bio

100% Natural Blend Contains Dandelion and Licorice From Controlled Organic Farming.

20 Tea bags individually enveloped.



Dandelion root is a mild laxative. Its action on the liver promotes the elimination of toxins by the kidneys: it is an excellent depurative and diuretic. Excellent for rheumatic problems.


One of the most commonly prescribed medicinal plants, it has a laxative effect, relieves gastritis and ulcers, as well as lung conditions and arthritis. Said to be a good female aphrodisiac (affects oestrogens).

  • SLIGHTLY SWEET AND REFRESHING- Enjoy the natural sweetness and refreshing flavor of licorice dandelion tea! All natural and USDA certified, our caffeine free herbal teas can be consumed any of the time without worrying about the jitters as you would from drinking a cup of coffee.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY- Grown under the strictest of standards, our tea growers are supervised to ensure organic integrity and shipped directly from the source so you get the freshest cup of tea. Kosher and organic, you can smell the freshness with each sip as our teas are devoid of colorants, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
  • FRESH INGREDIENTS- To prepare this concoction, we blended licorice, dandelion, ash tree, chamomile, lemon verbena, lemon balm and ginger.
  • BREWING INSTRUCTIONS- To fully enjoy the taste of this tea, please steep filtered tea bag in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. You can even add a splash of lemon or honey.
  • KEY BENEFITS- Aside from being a wonderful source of antioxidants, our unique herbal fruit tea blend can assist with maintaining a healthy diet as well as stimulating the digestive system and removing harmful toxins from the body. Perfect as a laxative, this tea can help relieve stomach aches and gastritis.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Adanim Bio strives give customers an outstanding experience.
  • USDA Organic Product Devoid Colorants, Preservatives, and artificial Sweeteners.The whole manufacturing Process From Growing to packaging is strictly supervised in order to ensure Organic Integrity.

Ingredients: liquorice, dandelion, ash tree, chamomile, lemon verbena, lemon balm, ginger.

20 tea bags per box X 1.5 gr. net 30 gr. (1.06 Oz).

Caffeine free.