Echinacea and Rosehip - Valdena Bio

100% Natural Blend Contains Echinacea, rosehip, hibiscus, sage, cinnamon, orange peel, peppermint, thyme, ash tree, anise, rosemary. 20 tea bags per box.


Purple and Yellow Coneflower Echinacea

Popularly found in North America as a group of herbaceous flowering plants, the Echinacea plant resembles a hedgehog in appearance due to its spiny central disk. Used famously by folk medicinal herbalists, Echinacea has been identified as helping the immune system as well as having anti-viral properties. Vibrant with rich colors including visions of purple and yellow that stimulates your senses and is infused with rich antioxidant benefits.

  • Echinacea is known to empower and strengthen the immune system and give it a boost to overcome viruses and diseases such as flu and colds, as well as to overcome. It increases the level of immune resistance of the body’s mucous membranes.
  • Contains high amounts of antioxidants that contribute to the metabolic rate and fight against the modern environmental damage we are exposed to daily (smoking, processed food, air pollution, etc.)
  • Valdena unique line of teas aimed specifically at enhancing health and complementing diets. Each Valdena organic herbal tea blend is aimed at a specific health issue Alongside taking care for the environment through the manufacturing proccess.
  • Caffeine Free Kosher USDA Organic Product Devoid Colorants, Preservatives, and artificial Sweeteners.The whole manufacturing Process From Growing to packaging is strictly supervised and controlled in order to ensure Organic Integrity.