Fennel & Ginger – Ayurvedic Blend

Organic blend of fennel and Ginger, calming and balancing the digestive system. Based on the Ayurvedic lifestyle, which brings balance to your body and soul. Drink a cup of Fennel-Ginger Blend, relax a bit, and let it help your digestive system.


  • UNIQUE BLEND FOR DIGESTION — Great tea for upset stomach, bloating, and gas. Our ginger tea helps cleanse and relax your digestive system. Try a cup of our flavorful refreshing Organic Fennel tea and ease your stomach in no time!
  • EASY ON THE TUMMY — Ginger, when prepared as tea, improves digestion and is known to help relieve gas and bloating. Its detoxifying effects on the body aids in weight loss and cleansing.
  • FENNEL SEEDS — Used since the times of the ancient Greeks, it has been one of the most effective natural ingredients for relaxing gastrointestinal system muscles
  • CAFFEINE FREE, KOSHER & CERTIFIED ORGANIC! — We carefully select the VERY BEST digestive tea Ingredients from around the world and create our own unique digestive support tea blend, All Natural, No Artificial Color, Flavor & Sweeteners.

Ginger: The Folk Stomach Medicine for Generations

For relieving nausea, nothing is quite as powerful as ginger. Long known in the ancient world, this common root is a stomach friendly tea calming a sensitive disposition and helping curb appetites as well as easing pain. Alongside cardamom and turmeric, ginger is part of the same family and can be consumed fresh, powdered, dried as a spice, as an oil or as a dried spice.

Fennel Tea: Forget about your IBS and start feeling better!

Fennel contains a unique repertoire of health benefits such as calcium. High in iron and helps relieve the bloating commonly associated with menstrual cramps. Great source of fiber, reduces the symptoms of asthma. Digestive aid which is why it was included in our Easy on the Tummy blend. High in antioxidants, and helps even eliminate the bad breath issues…

Ingredients :

licorice*, cardamom*, fennel seed* 24.3%, anise seed*, coriander*, peppermint leaf*, ginger root* 17%, black pepper*.

*from controlled organic farming


20 tea bags X 1.8 gr. NW 36 gr. (1.27 OZ)