Green tea and Echinacea - Ayurvedic Blend

Organic blend of Echinacea and Green Tea. Based on the Ayurvadic lifestyle, which brings balance to your body and soul. Relax yourself with a cup of Echinacea Green Tea blend and enjoy the sense of balance and strength within you.


  • Our echinachae infused green tea is a popular remedy for colds and other infections. Great during the winter months, echinachae can alleviate pain, prevent diseases, improve mental health and relieve skin problems.
  • Medicinal Tea with great health benefits which can help to lower risk for many diseases and speed up your metabolism.
  • USDA ORGANIC Product Devoid Colorants, Preservatives and artificial Sweeteners. The whole manufacturing Process from Growing the Leaves to packaging is strictly supervised in order to ensure Organic Integrity.
  • Full of aroma scented fragrance and bursting with delicious flavor, our medicinal teas are brewed to provide the perfect layered tastes and contain proven health benefits.

Green Tea-The Healthiest Drink On Earth

Made from the common tea plant “Camellia Sinensis” but undergoing a unique withering and oxidation process than the traditional black teas. Originating in china close to 3,000 years ago, green teas are popular among health and fitness circles as well as medicinal herbalists. A delicious and popular tea blend, green tea is arguably one of the healthiest drink on the planet earth. Taste the difference green tea can make!

Purple and Yellow Coneflower Echinacea

Popularly found in North America as a group of herbaceous flowering plants, the Echinacea plant resembles a hedgehog in appearance due to its spiny central disk. Used famously by folk medicinal herbalists, Echinacea has been identified as helping the immune system as well as having anti-viral properties. Vibrant with rich colors including visions of purple and yellow that stimulates your senses and is infused with rich antioxidant benefits.

Ingredients: green Tea* 36%, lemongrass*, spearmint leaf*, natural orange extract*, natural tangarine extract *, echinacea herb* 20%, echinacea root* 5%, , gotu kola*.

*from controlled organic farming

20 tea bags X 2 gr. NW 40 gr. (1.41 OZ)